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Furnace Heater New Installation, Maintenance & Repair in the Boise Area

Home furnaces are a major appliance that requires routine maintenance in order to provide a healthy and comfortable living environment when it gets cold outside. In addition maintaining economical home heating costs are always a concern and extending the life of the heating system can also be achieved with scheduled heating system maintenance services.

Boise Central Heating Systems | Natural Gas Furnaces Repairs

In most homes across the United States and Idaho natural gas furnaces for household heating are preferred. Although other fuel sources such as fuel oil, coal, LPG ( liquefied petroleum gas - propane ), and wood are used the natural gas furnace continues to grow in popularity with building contractors and homeowners.

Forced Air Furnaces Central Heating Systems | Boise, Idaho

Forced air furnaces utilize fans to push heated air through ventilation ducts positioned throughout the house. Like most central heating systems, thermostats control forced air heating systems and with proper programming can help save money by reducing household energy costs. One Hour Idaho has professionally trained HVAC technicians to repair your current forced air furnace or replace your worn out furnace heating system.

Warm Air Furnaces Heating Systems | Maintenance - Repairs - Installations

Central warm air furnaces uses a central combustor or resistance unit that is fueled by gas, fuel, or electricity. The warm air it produces circulates through various rooms through ventilation ducts.

Gravity Furnaces Heating Systems | Boise Furnace Repair Contractors

A gravity furnace uses the natural flow of warm and cold air to warm the home. Warm air rises from the furnaces through the ducts while the cool air sinks into the furnace to be reheated.

One Hour Idaho Heating & Air Conditioning | Boise, Idaho

We are professional AC contractors, HVAC maintenance technicians, heating repair specialists, and we perform new central heating systems installations. We have provided HVAC services to the Idaho Treasure Valley communities of Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Nampa, and Caldwell for nearly three decades.



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